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Every Writer Needs To Be Using Video.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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1 - What the heck's a book trailer and why do you really need one?

Much like a movie trailer makes you want to see an upcoming movie, a book trailer is simply a short video teaser for a book.

2 - Why use video for a book?

Why wouldn’t you use everything at your disposal to get attention? Your audience is online. The internet is a visual, video-laden, growing thing that allows exponential sharing of information. Why should piano-playing cats get all the views on YouTube? Here's a pop quiz for you:

Q: What’s the biggest search engine?

A: Google.

Q: What's the second biggest?

A: YouTube.

Q: Who owns YouTube?

A: Google.

See where I’m going here? And the search engines love video, especially if you use your keywords properly. Sites with videos rise like cream to be the top of the crop … um, page. (Who doesn’t want to be #1 in a Google search?) Still not convinced? Check out these numbers:

  • YouTube: 100 million users are taking social action weekly
  • Facebook: videos are shared 12 times over links and text posts combined
  • Viewers spend 100% more time on pages with videos
  • 700+ YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute; 3 billion hours of video are watched monthly

There’s no viral video guarantee but if you don’t have a video, it can’t happen. You need to be creating videos because over 1,300,000 books are published annually*. Get some of those eyeballs on your books using video!

3 - How do you make a book trailer?

With videos for writers you only need to know your book. I know what makes a good book trailer––that's how I won the School Library Trailee Award and was a finalist for the Moby Book Trailer Award. You just have to fill out a form and BOO-YA! you have a great book trailer!

4 - What makes a good book trailer?

A good book trailer is short, because nowadays the average human has a shorter attention span than a goldfish. 1:20 is as long as it should be. A good book trailer has a focus. Is it about the great reviews you've gotten or do you want it to highlight your book's essence, its feeling? Maybe it's a video teaching tips the reader will learn from between the covers. Overall, with such a short time frame, it's good to focus on one thing.

5 - What does a great trailer look like?

Now you know what the heck a book trailer is. But what do you see when you watch a great book trailer?

a.  A great book trailer has a focus. Is it sharing review quotes? Evoking the feeling of the book? Teaching tips taught in the book?

b.  A great book trailer has good sound quality. In an interview with Joe Dull, Asst. Professor of Digital Filmmaking at the University of Central Arkansas in Darcy Pattison’s book, The Book Trailer Manual, Dull refers to the movie Cloverfield, about a monster attacking New York City. It was done with hand-held cameras, and what looks like early iPhone cameras. “But,” he noted, “the sound is pristine.”

c.  A great book trailer gives a call to action (CTA). A CTA asks the viewer to do something like buy your book, or join your mailing list, or visit your website.

You might see a great book trailer in any one of these many different kinds and many different formats:


  • Interviews, whether in-person, virtual, or man-on-the-street.
  • Writing tips.
  • Readings by the author.


  • Original or synced music video.
  • Kinetic text.
  • Whiteboard illustration.
  • Animated characters.

A book trailer is only limited by your imagination. And you could do a series of all these in order to keep up interest in the book over a longer period of time.

*United Nations Educational, Scientific Cultural Organization